Foxconn P67 Rattler Review

Foxconn P67 Rattler Review and Overclocking

Test Setup

Our test setup today is our standard P67 rig we’re sure you’re all used to by now.

Foxconn P67A Rattler
Intel Core i5-2500K
4GB Kingston Genesis DDR3 2133MHz
Be Quiet Dark Power Pro
Windows 7 64-Bit


The Rattler proved to be an eager overclocker, easily taking our Core i5-2500K past a fairly standard 4.6 GHz. It quickly ran out of puff as the clock speeds increased though and in the end although we managed to boot at 4.9 GHz it quickly locked up. Backing things off slightly and with a vCore of 1.46v it was rock solid at a good 4.8 GHz. Not the highest we’ve seen but not inconsiderable either. 

Foxconn P67 Rattler Review

Time to get testing.