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Introduction and Feature Set

Aorus Pro X Review


The next generation of CPUs is nearly upon us, and so everyone is refreshing their motherboards. We’ve got two Gigabyte offerings, with this, the Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Pro X being the first.

If you’ve been following along with the different motherboard generations over the years then it can’t have escaped your attention that Gigabyte have really come on strongly in recent times. We remember when they were the only company putting out unique designs such as the G1 Sniper and then, for whatever reason, they gradually became not only staid and boring, but worse, not very good.

A wholesale reset occured when they launched their Aorus range of products. A set of hardware that took all the lessons they’d learned from other companies and applied them to their own products, whilst also keeping a very close eye on build quality and feature set. Some ‘gaming’ hardware aims solely on looks without ensuring that they have a reliable and robust product suitable for everyone. Gigabyte went the other way and produced hardware which has all the flash and flair that gamers/streamers demand, allied to all the robust hardware and performance aspects so beloved of the rest of us.

Whilst we await the launch of whatever the next gen CPUs will be called, let’s cast our eyes across the Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Pro X.

Feature Set

As part of their Ultra Durable concept, Gigabyte have listed a huge swathe of features that are available on all their refreshed Z790 motherboards. We’ve combined them all into a single image for you so that they are easier to read at a glance. As you can see there are ticks in just about every box you can imagine. Robust slot design supporting regular disconnection and reconnection? Yep. Strong slots that can handle the beefiest of graphics cards? That too. Want a thick PCB with extra copper in the traces to ensure that your board neither warps nor leaks any power? Absolutely. In every regard the Aorus Pro X looks like the kind of over-engineered item you’d expect from a mission critical motherboard.

Aorus Features

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