i7 2600k, i5 2500k & 2300 1155 Sandy Bridge Review

Intel LGA1155 Review


If so far we’ve discovered that calculating is the real pièce de résistance of the new LGA1155 chips. So it’s hopefully not a big surprise to see the incredible results we’re getting out of these chips. The top three test rigs on our graph are all better than we’ve seen from any Quad-Core, and the i7-2600K overclocked gives us the biggest score we’ve ever seen. For comparitive purposes a 4.5GHz Hexcore i7-980X gives only 1 point more in the CPU score than the 2600K.

Of concern is the poor results in the OpenGL tests though. If the CPU is performing as highly as it shows, then there is no reason why our GPU isn’t rocking as hard as it ought.


In keeping with our results so far the wPrime95 results are stunning. 5 seconds for 32M and 173 seconds for the 1 billion place test are magnificent by anyones reckoning. We do see a huge drop off from the i5-2500K to the i5-2300.