Intel 11th Gen and Z590 Launch Day Roundup

Intel 11th Gen and Z590 Roundup


Before we get to our benchmark results, which will be the same graphs as you’ve seen already if you’ve looked at one of our in-depth reviews, let’s quickly compare prices between our Z590 sextet.

We’re aware that there are some Z590 motherboards that cost way more than this, and some that cost less, but we wanted to try and cover a broad spectrum of price points as well as include the names that will prove the most popular in sales terms. We have to say we’re pleased with how affordable the Z590 motherboards are, especially having seen some of the prices of the early AMD X570 motherboards which were the first to include the PCI Express 4.0 bus.

They are almost exactly where you’d expect them to be too. The Maximus XIII Hero is the most expensive, but only the same amount more than the MSI MEG Ace as all ASUS products are. You pretty much spend an extra £20 because it’s an ASUS. The Strix E and ITX are priced almost identically and just below them – again ASUS – is the MSI Carbon. At the bottom the ASUS TUF is clearly designed to be the most affordable model and it shows in the design. Vertical SATA ports on an ATX motherboard are a dead giveaway.

How do they all perform though?

Maximus Hero XIII –

Strix Z590-E –

Strix Z590-i –

TUF Z590-Plus –

MSI Z590 Carbon –

MSI Z590 Ace –

Intel 11th Gen and Z590 Roundup