Intel Core i5 11400F and ASUS B560 Plus Prime Review

Intel Core i5-11400F and ASUS B560 Prime-Plus Review

3DMARK Time Spy Extreme

This is the first of the graphs where we’re switching from comparing CPU to CPU, to seeing how good the Core i5-11400F and B560 chipset can be as a gaming platform. We’ll be taking full advantage of our recent Core i5-11600K vs Ryzen 5 5600X testing, and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Time Spy is another part of the 3D Mark suite but here in its Extreme guise it’s as taxing as you could wish for. We’re also including the CPU Score here as it’s a better representation of the systems capabilities.

Intel Core i5-11400F and ASUS B560-Plus Prime Review