Intel i7 5960X Review with ASUS X99 Deluxe

Test Setup and Overclocking

Intel Core i7-5960X Review

Test Setup

Intel Core i7-5960X
ASUS X99 Deluxe
nVidia GTX780Ti
Corsair LPX 2800 DDR4
Corsair AX760i
Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD
Corsair H105
Custom Corsair 540 Air
Windows 7 x64   


There is a bit of a balancing act with the latest iteration of the Intel CPUs. On the one one hand they have finally soldered the cap onto the die, so we're guaranteed to get the best possible heat transference which, hopefully, will enable us to get the very most out of our CPU overclocks. On the flip side there are an extra two whole cores to handle, so we don't expect to get the same 5GHz style speeds as we do from the current LGA2011 CPUs.

Starting at the top left we have the stock CPU. 3.3GHz @ 1v with 2133MHz on the DDR4. Impressive, but we can do better.

Memory overclocking, as seen on the right hand of the top two images, takes advantage of the unlocked BCLK to slightly boost the CPU clock speed, but largely increase the base clock so that we end up with 2750MHz DDR4. XMP adjustments have never been so easy.

Intel Core i7-5960X Review with ASUS X99 Deluxe     Intel Core i7-5960X Review with ASUS X99 Deluxe  

The third item that will form part of our graphs is Uncore overclocking. We were very interested as to whether manually overclocking the Uncore rather than just hitting the XMP will add bandwidth to the Memory and how the system as a whole will respond to that.

Finally we have the finished speeds that will be our overall overclock. Up from 3.3GHz at stock to 4.5GHz, that's hugely impressive for an 8 core CPU. The ability to fine tune the bus speed helps give a little extra performance where the big step of a multiplier adjustment would lead the overclock to fail. We tried to balance the BCLK, Uncore, CPU speed and DDR4 speed to provide the biggest overall gains and, when you see the graphs, you'll agree we were successful in that endeavour.

We wonder how much of this is down to the ASUS OC socket and how much is the CPU. Right now with no other boards on hand we don't know, but it will certainly prove interesting if we've already seen speeds as near to the highest we can obtain.

Intel Core i7-5960X Review with ASUS X99 Deluxe     Intel Core i7-5960X Review with ASUS X99 Deluxe  

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Most Recent Comments

29-08-2014, 15:50:13

It's like Christmas! *^* Yay!Quote

29-08-2014, 15:52:15

I keep looking at the benchmarks and having to tell myself I don't need one.
I really want it :/Quote

29-08-2014, 16:24:10

Gah, I don't think I'll bother with X99. I don't need 12 threads, and while affording it is a non-issue, I just can't justify spending nearly €1000 on a motherboard, CPU and 16GB of DDR4.

Performance on the other hand, particularly a workstation, there's no beating it. Although it's a pity the turbo frequencies are as low as they are though. The two 8-core Xeon E5-2687V2's that are in my workstation at work turbo up to 4GHz. No way Intel is going to sacrifice their huge margin Xeon business though. Quote

29-08-2014, 16:36:23

Everyone wants it but doesn't that pricey premium

I'd buy one second hand if i could at the right priceQuote

29-08-2014, 16:50:06

Great review.

Wow Tomb Raider really benefits from the extra cores, Wish they would of done like they did with the last gen though, 4930K had the same cores as the extreme version.

Not out of my price range but it would be wasted on me due to only gaming with 1 GPU and not needing a gazillion gigs of ram Quote

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