Corsair M75 Wireless Mouse Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

Corsair M75 Wireless Review


The Corsair range of mice has always been a varied one. When you look at another companies products it’s sometimes difficult to tell them apart. Conversely Corsair have usually designed their mice so differently it’s easy to tell at a glance which is which. The Dark Core is different to the Scimitar, which is equally different to the Darkstar. The newest addition to their range is the M75 Wireless.

Firstly, it boasts a sensor with huge specifications. The Corsair Marksman with 26000 DPI at 650 IPS tracking with finer control than many at 1 DPI step adjustment. Secondly you have Corsair’s Slipstream Wireless technology. This not only gives rock solid connectivity, but additionally has sub 1ms reporting time. 2000Hz hyper-polling in fact. That “higher than 1000Hz polling” is evidently the next step in mouse tech. However, if you want full connection flexibility the Corsair M75 Wireless also supports Bluetooth connectivity. You can use this on almost anything.

Additionally there are 5 programmable buttons, swappable side buttons – more on that later – and two different lighting zones. Lastly the bane of gamers everywhere, short battery life, is banished with over 100 hours run time via Slipstream and 200 hours via Bluetooth. Should you forget to charge it you can recharge in just 95 minutes, therefore getting back to the fray in the minimum time. Let’s look at the specifications before seeing it in the flesh.

Technical Specifications


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