MSI MPG B650 Carbon WiFi Review

MSI MPG B650 Carbon Wifi Preview

Test Setup

As always here at OC3D when there is a move to a new platform we have taken the opportunity to refresh both our test system and the things that we are using to benchmark. Naturally this means that some of our new tests will have fewer results than some of the others, but given how rapidly the market has moved forwards it’s fair to say that anything older than the last generation is going to be left in the dust. Clock speed only gets you so far after all. We’ve also rejigged our graphs a little after last time to hopefully make them more legible with less neck-ache. Don’t forget you can embiggen them.

MSI MPG B650 Carbon WiFi
AMD Ryzen 9 7900X
G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo 4800 32GB
Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti
Patriot Viper VP4100 NVMe
BeQuiet Silent Base 802 Case
BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 12 1200W PSU
BeQuiet Silent Loop 2 360
BeQuiet Silent Wings Pro Fans
Windows 11

Clock Speeds

Whenever we’re looking at a B chipset motherboard the temptation is to assume it’s just not as capable as the X or Z equivalent. The B650 Carbon has no interest in being designed down to a price though, as it’s just as able to run our Ryzen 9 7900X as any of the big boys.

MSI MPG B650 Carbon WiFi Review