ASUS GTX560 TOP Review

ASUS GTX560 TOP Review


Today we’re taking a look at the GTX560 TOP from ASUS. We’ve recently taken a look at a few of the GTX560 Ti variants, and here we have a pure GTX560, albeit one with a highly modified cooling solution.

The GTX560 is positioned just below the Ti in the nVidia tier list of graphics cards, above the GTX460. The priority in the design has been to enable users to have the joys of 1080p gaming, far and away the most popular resolution in statistics, without causing them to bust the bank to do so. Clock speeds vary wildly amongst available models from about 820MHz up to 950MHz. The ASUS TOP is right near the top at 925MHz. So let’s grab a look at the specifications.

Technical Specifications

The GTX560 is very similar to it’s brother the GTX560 Ti. This particular TOP variant though comes with a significant overclock to the GPU.

Model ASUS GTX 560 TOP
ROPs 32
Shaders 336
Memory 1024MB GDDR5
Pixel Fillrate 29.6 GPixel/s
Memory Bandwidth 134.4 GB/s
GPU Clock 925 MHz
Memory Clock 1050 MHz
Shader Clock 1850 MHz
Extras DirectCU II Cooler

nVidia are, as stated above, marketing this right at the heart of the average user who require full HD gaming at a price that is more reasonable than enthusiast level cards. In fact this is aimed as the direct replacement, in popularity terms, of the behemoth that was the GTX9800.

ASUS GTX560 TOP Review Positioning

Enough preamble. Let’s take a look.