ASUS GTX580 SLI Exclusive Review

ASUS GTX580 SLI Review


Yesterday we took a look at the latest nVidia card, the GTX580.

Unquestionably this fixed a lot of the issues that we all had with the GTX480, primarily the heat and noise but also the cut down performance.

We were left with the overriding impression of the decimating horsepower available at our fingertips and how nVidia have regained the top spot as the graphics card of choice.

One thing though is missing. If one card is good, then two cards must surely be great. We couldn’t resist finding out and so a quick phone call to ASUS and we had two reference GTX580s on hand, ready to see if we have enough rendering performance to change the rotation of the Earth.

Technical Specifications

The card is a reference design again and so is almost identical to the Zotac from yesterday. The main differences are the tiny increase in stock core speed, and the inclusion of the always excellent ASUS Voltage Tweak BIOS.



Graphics engine

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX580

Bus standard

PCI Express® 2.0

Video memory

1536MB GDDR5

Engine clock

782 MHz

CUDA cores


Memory clock

4008MHz (1002MHz GDDR5)

Memory interface


DVI max resolution

2560 x 1600

D-Sub max resolution

2048 x 1536

DVI output

DVI-I x1

DVI-D x1

HDCP compliant


HDMI output


Accessory Bundled 

Mini HDMI-to-HDMI adaptor x1

8-pin to 6-pin Power Cable x1

Software Bundled

ASUS utilities and driver