ASUS HD6870 Crossfire EXCLUSIVE Review

ASUS HD6870 Crossfire Review

Crysis Warhead

It doesn’t seem five minutes ago that we needed the 2001 Monolith just to get to the menu of Crysis Warhead, yet here with are with two mid-range cards Crossfired and pumping out 72FPS. If the Nanosuit is your weapon of choice then certainly the 6870 setup wont let you down.

Again at stock it’s not up there with the 5870, but overclocked it really enjoys Crysis Warhead, giving over 60FPS for a single card. Impressive.


Dirt 2

The Codemasters Dirt 2 engine is so well optimised that it can provide playability, even at these settings, on very modest hardware. All of our tests gave us over 60FPS average around the demanding Battersea track. Once again the star of the show is the Crossfire setup happily keeping the game in three figures under everything but the most demanding situation.


Metro 2033

Well blow me. Playable framerates in Metro. I think we need to check the world hasn’t ended overnight. Nope it’s still there. Simply astounding. The harsh, or unoptimised, nature of the game stands out with the near identical results from the single cards, but in Crossfire we once again see outstanding scaling taking place.