ASUS nVidia GTX590 Review

ASUS GTX590 Review

Alien vs Predator

Onto the DirectX 11 heavy Alien vs Predator. The GTX590 again fits just between a single card GTX and SLI. Although we’re well above the 60 FPS mark on all our setups we’d expect to be for this price. At stock the GTX590 is behind even two HD6870s, which we’re certain will be much cheaper. Not the stunning performance we’re expecting so far. 

Crysis Warhead

Crysis Warhead is a game that normally glistens when run by a nVidia card and yet here it’s really kept in the shade. The positioning of its performance between the GTX580 and GTX580 SLI is where we’d expect for the pricing, but there is no denying how far behind its AMD rival it is.