ASUS PG348Q 34″ ROG Swift Monitor Review

ASUS PG348Q ROG Swift Monitor Review


We regularly tell you that you should spend more on your display than you do. So often it’s the element of a system that people choose to cut corners on. Why bother having a pair of high-end GPUs in your system if you’re outputting the picture to a £100 1080P monitor from a brand you’ve never heard of? Exactly. Of all the elements of your system the display is the most important as it’s the one that you spend all of your time looking at. It sounds obvious, but so many people think “I’m a gamer, refresh rate is all that matters” whereas even the most hardcore gamers spend 20% or more of their time on forums or social media. Why not make the most of your rocking hardware by displaying it in its best light?

ASUS might be most famous for their motherboards and graphics cards, but they produce hardware of every possible type and one of their side-ventures that has produced the best results is unquestionably the ROG Swift monitor range. We’ve looked at a few here at OC3D but today we’ve got something very special indeed. Yes we might have given the game away in our introduction but a) we’ve got a lot to cover and b) the Swift range has always been of exceptional quality and the PG348Q is no different. In fact it’s probably their best one yet.

Technical Specifications

The panel size is undoubtedly the eye-opening part of the specifications package. Obviously if you’ve looked at the top of this page and seen the price then maybe it’s the second big shock, but a 34″ panel is hardly a common size and the 3440 x 1440 resolution isn’t one that you often come across. As we’ll discuss there is method in this apparent madness. Beyond the headline grabbing dimensions the PG348Q has a slight curve to it, something which makes more sense here than it does in large televisions because usually there is only one person looking at a monitor at any one time. With 100Hz refresh rate capability from the IPS panel, as well as G-SYNC support, wide viewing angles, onscreen overlays and the nicest stand it’s ever been our pleasure to experience, the ROG Swift PG348Q is a veritable explosion of display technology.

Whilst you hunt for a calculator to work out how you can pay for one, let’s show you some pictures…

ASUS PG348Q ROG Swift Monitor Review