EVGA GTX570 Review

EVGA GTX570 Review


Tuesday saw the launch of the latest in the nVidia line of GPUs, the GTX570, and what a launch it was. If we were impressed by the GTX580 (and we were) then the GTX570 is even more impressive.

Normally cut-down versions of full-fat cards are lacking in a little oomph and require an overclock to really make them a worthy purchase.

By contrast the nVidia GTX570 was pretty hot out of the box giving great performance in all situations and quickly becoming a favourite amongst the OC3D team.

Thanks to the rather sudden wintery weather that’s graced our shores our review of the first Partner card has been a little delayed, but thanks to some burning of the afternoon oil we can finally see what performance is available from the “off the shelf” versions. Today we’re looking at the basic GTX570 from EVGA, a company that have been delivering high-performance nVidia cards for many a moon.

Technical Specifications

As you can see the card is identical to the version we reviewed on Tuesday, as we’d expect to see from a vanilla reference design. Rather than go over the information that you’ve just read earlier this week, let’s move on.

  732 MHz GPU
  480 CUDA Cores
  400 MHz RAMDAC
  1280 MB, 320 bit GDDR5
  3800 MHz (effective)
  152 GB/s Memory Bandwidth
  PCI-E 2.0 16x
  SLI Capable

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