Gainward GTX780 Ti Phantom Single and SLI Review

Gainward GTX780Ti Phantom Single and SLI Review 


The GTX780Ti is still capable of making our jaws drop when we look at the performance, especially when comparing it to the previous 6xx series.

Gainward have been around forever producing outstanding graphics cards. Anyone who recalls their Golden Sample series will know how much performance they can extract from your 3D weapon of choice.

So with a GPU that’s renowned for extraordinary capabilities, and in a variant produced by a manufacturer known for getting the most from a GPU, the Gainward Phantom should be an amazing card. At least on paper.

This also gave us the perfect opportunity to see how the SLI performance of the GTX780Ti compares to the Titan and plain GTX780 SLI setups that we’ve tested before.

So without further ado, let’s see if the Gainward GTX780Ti Phantom SLI setup is enough to make the socks beneath our Christmas tree seem even more uninspiring than they already are.

Technical Specifications

Initially the technical specifications for the Phantom don’t appear to be anything special. Standard Ti clock speeds and sizes, as well as the regulation output options.

Of course a specs list doesn’t tell the whole story. The Phantom has a neat trick up it’s sleeve.

Product Name  :    Gainward GeForce® GTX 780 Ti Phantom
Barcode  :    426018336-3057
GPU  :    GeForce GTX 780 Ti
GPU Clockspeed  :    1046 MHz (boost) / 980 MHz (base)
Memory  :    3072MB GDDR5 (384 bits)
Memory Clockspeed  :    3500 MHz (DDR7000)
Pixels per clock (peak)  :    N/A
Bandwidth  :    336 GB/s
Ramdac  :    400 MHz
Bus  :    PCI-Express 3.0 x 16
Cooling  :    2.5 Slot Fan cooler
Video-Features  :    HDMI
Connectivity  :    Dual DVI, DisplayPort
Product Size  :    274mm x 112mm
Power Connector  :    8-pin *2