Gigabyte GTX780 Ti GHz Edition Review

Gigabyte GTX780Ti GHz Edition Review


So far the GTX780Ti has proven itself to be the weapon of choice if you’re looking for the best single GPU performance available. As good as it is out of the box, it flies particularly well once a decent overclock is in place.

However, we’re aware that not everyone is comfortable poking around with their £500+ purchase, and that’s where a factory overclocked card can really start to shine.

To this end today we’re looking at the Gigabyte GTX780Ti GHz edition, a factory overclocked card that comfortably passes the 1GHz barrier at stock, and with the Windforce cooler in place has the potential to go even further with the nVidia GPU Boost 2.0 technology.

By now you’re all very familiar with the GK110 GPU, so let’s crack on.

Technical Specifications

The two big changes for the GHz Edition are the inclusion of the Gigabyte Windforce cooler, and that big factory overclock that pushes the GPU to 1085MHz out of the box. This isn’t far from the best manual overclocks we’ve obtained so hopefully the results should back up this potential performance.

Chipset GeForce GTX 780 Ti
Memory Clock 7000 MHz
Process Technology 28 nm
Memory Size 3072 MB
Memory Bus 384 bit
Core Clock Base / Boost clock 1020 / 1085 MHz
Card Bus PCI-E 3.0
Memory Type GDDR5
DirectX 11.2
OpenGL 4.4
Digital max resolution 4096 X 2160(via a single HDMI connector and not supported with two DVI connectors)
Analog max resolution 2048 x 1536
Multi-view 4
Card size L=292mm, W=129mm, H=43mm
Power requirement 600W (with two 8-pin external power connectors)