Inno3D GTX560Ti 448 Core Review

Inno3D GTX560Ti 448 Core Review


With the GTX560Ti 448 nVidia produced a good value card with good performance, that just squeezed into a gap in the market that didn’t really exist. We liked it, but couldn’t see why you wouldn’t save a couple of quid and get the standard Ti, or spend a little more for a GTX570.

Now we’re back to look at a GTX560Ti 448 from Inno3D. A company we don’t see enough of round these parts they have been producing graphics cards since the old, and incredible, 7900GTX. 

In their twenty-second year it’s time to sit down and see how their take on the GTX560Ti 448 fares.

Technical Specifications

Out of the box the Inno3D is clocked the same as the other 448s we’ve seen at 760MHz. We know there is more to come so we look forward to overclocking it.

Product Inno3D Geforce GTX 560 Ti
CUDA cores 448
Core Frequency (MHz) 760
Processor Clock (MHz) 1644
Memory Clock (MHz) 3800
Memory Amount 1280 MB
Memory Interface 320 Bit
Memory Type GDDR5

Short and sweet. So let’s take a look at the card.