MSI RTX 2080Ti Duke Review

MSI RTX 2080Ti Duke Review


The most recent Nvidia graphics cards have got everyone wondering how many kidneys they actually need to survive, and chief amongst these is the RTX 2080Ti. It is a card which is on the list of almost everyone who has considered what they’d do with a big lottery win.

There are plenty to choose from too, with models stretching from the basic badged Nvidia design – not actually but you get our point – all the way up to models with custom PCBs and cooling designed to break world records. MSI have definitely got the latter bracket ticked with their Lightning model, but what about the everyman one? We thought that their Gaming X Trio had that part of the RTX 2080Ti market covered, but apparently there is room to squeeze another in, and that brings us to the MSI RTX 2080Ti Duke. A card which doesn’t form part of the MSI Gaming X range, nor does it challenge the reign of the Lightning, but is very much aimed at the affordable end of the range. Or at least as affordable as an RTX 2080Ti card gets.

You already know the main points of the RTX – dedicated Tensor cores to improve image quality without compromising frame rates, dedicated RT cores to bring new fidelity to the lighting in games, sledgehammer performance in every resolution – so let’s find out how well the MSI Duke stacks up against the competition.

Technical Specifications

MSI RTX 2080Ti Duke Specifications