MSI RTX 4080 Super Expert Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

MSI RTX 4080 Super Expert Review


Graphics cards generally look identical. This is largely because they needs of a cooler are the same, but also because of the size restrictions. The fact computers are fairly modular is all about everything being within particular dimensions. If you limit how large something can be, and also need a cooler to be functional, you end up with similar designs.

The MSI RTX 4080 Super Expert might remain the same size we’re used to, but the design is very different. You can already see it at the top of this review. Even those of you with merely a passing interest in graphics cards will know the MSI RTX 4080 Super Expert looks very different. It even looks different to the other main cards in the MSI RTX 4080 Super range. Their Trio, Suprim and Ventus are all, relatively, standard looking cards.

With a fully aluminium alloy case, push pull airflow, and the excellent RTX 4080 Super GPU on board, the MSI Expert is worthy of anyone’s attention. We’re especially keen as MSI haven’t really pushed the boat out for a while. If you’re as wizened as us you’ll recall their Lightning models which were unlike anything else around. It looks, outwardly at least, as if the Super Expert reinvigorates that ethos.

So, without further ado, let us look through the specifications and then see this unique card in the flesh. Onwards.

Technical Specifications


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