MSI GTX1070 Gaming X Review

MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X Review


It was something of a surprise how fantastic the GTX 1080 performance was, but we know that a card at that price point is never going to sell in the numbers that a more affordable option will. Anyone who pays close attention to the Steam “what everyone is using” charts will know that even the 970/980 were both too rich for many peoples blood. 

However, when we recently reviewed the Founders Edition of the GTX 1070 we discovered it to be performing about the same as a standard GTX 980 Ti. A card which is extremely capable, even today. Equally the MSI Gaming X GTX 1080 was a very attractive blend of power and usability.

With the GTX 1070 Gaming X having the same Twin Frozr VI cooler as its bigger brother, and the underlying GPU already proven to be a stunner, this should be a card to really make everyone sit up and take notice.

Technical Specifications

The Gaming X supports three modes out of the box to provide the perfect balance between gaming and silence, depending upon your needs. With the Twin Frozr VI supporting fully passive cooling up to 60°C you can be sure that the silent mode is exactly that. Particularly given the reduced clock speeds when compared to the gaming and overclocked offerings. Elsewhere memory speeds over 8GHz and a low 150W power draw mean that the card can be either as efficient or as fast as you need. Flexibility is the watchword here.

MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X Review