MSI GTX1080 Gaming X Review

MSI GTX 1080 Gaming Review


Having recently looked at the ASUS Strix take on the amazing new Pascal GTX 1080, it’s time to see what MSI bring to the table with their gaming edition.

The MSI Gaming range has always been a solid series of products, from their original motherboard all the way until now. The Dragon logo has become a watchword for their best products, overtaking even the Lightning and MPOWER ranges in the eyes of the masses. With the Twin Frozr VI cooler being updated to include TORX 2.0 fans, promising 22% better air-pressure than its contemporaries, and double ball bearings to ensure years of reliable service, all matched up to a power control system which keeps the fans idle in light use scenarios for silent gaming, the MSI Gaming GTX 1080 promises to deliver the same levels of excellence we’ve seen up to now.

It’s not just the cooler that separates the MSI from its forebears either as, like nearly every product released in the last few months, the MSI GTX 1080 Gaming promises customisable LEDs allowing you to rock out in which ever colour you prefer, whilst the included MSI Afterburner tool makes overclocking your card a breeze. Other included software allows for control of your card via your smart phone, automatic overclocking modes, and even on-screen displays similar to those we find in Unigine, to keep a close eye on your clock speed and temperatures.

Technical Specifications

The main talking point with the new GTX 1080 Gaming is unquestionably the introduction of the Twin Frozr VI cooler. 20% cooler than the already outstanding Twin Frozr V, and promising a massive 40% reduction in noise. This is accomplished by keeping the fans off below 60°C so that the majority of browsing and light gaming use can be done in complete silence. The redesigned fans should also ensure that, even when they do spin up, they remain quiet under heavy loading.

MSI GTX 1080 Gaming Review