MSI GTX560Ti 448 – Overclock Part 2

MSI GTX560Ti 448 - Overclock Part 2


We can’t have been the only people who were disappointed with the overclocking speed and performance of the latest GTX560Ti 448 cards.

So having a little extra time we went back and did a complete fresh install of everything and tried to improve the results. The Gigabyte was stubborn in its refusal to overclock any further than we originally saw, but the MSI proved to be a corker. Here are some fresh results.


Our test setup remained the same, just with a fresh install of Windows 7, and the results with the MSI are comprehensively better. 1GHz on the core is stunning, especially when you consider that this is a GF110 GPU. Amazing.

MSI GTX560Ti 448 - Overclock Part 2