MSI GTX750Ti Gaming Review

MSI GTX750Ti Gaming Review


The gap between the reference nVidia card and the MSI Gaming is so large that it makes us wonder why nVidia didn’t make more of an effort. It’s clear that, as the manufacturer, it’s in their best interests to demonstrate their technology in the best light. It appears that instead of that they’ve chosen to show it as poorly as possible to give their partners the best chance of improving the card. Perhaps they understand that nobody actually buys the reference one, so it’s a waste of R&D money to produce a good one.

No such claim can be levelled against MSI though. When it comes to ‘making a good one’ we think they’ve perfected the formula. Since the first Gaming motherboards appeared we were impressed, and their Gaming range of graphics cards has only furthered their position as the market leader. All technology is cyclical with different manufacturers taking over the crown before fading back into the chasing pack. It wasn’t that long ago that the only motherboard worth having was a DFI Lanparty, or that the best graphics cards came from the ASUS ROG stable. At the moment it seems that MSI can do no wrong, with everything they touch turning to gold.

The combination of the excellent Twin Frozr cooler and a great factory overclock mean that the MSI GTX750Ti Gaming is the ideal choice for an affordable graphics card, even if you have no desire to manually overclock it. Performance is consistently great in every benchmark. Indeed the only titles that the card doesn’t produce a playable experience in are ones that you have to throw a lot of money at to achieve high frame rates whilst maintaining high image quality. The three settings options are nice to have, although the cooler is so capable when it comes to keeping the card cool that to use anything other than either Silent mode for low power use or OC mode for gaming would be churlish. Thus the Gaming mode itself is somewhat redundant.  

No matter how you slice it the MSI GTX750Ti Gaming is an absolute corker of a graphics card and worthy of a home in any setup. It looks great, goes like hell and does all of that at low power, low heat, low noise and a low price. A brilliant card and worthy of both our OC3D Value For Money and OC3D Gold Awards.


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