MSI N480GTX Lightning Review EXCLUSIVE

MSI N480GTX Lightning Review

Crysis Warhead

If this was a boxing match the towel would have been thrown in by now. The MSI N480GTX Lightning is spanking the GTX480 so hard it’s almost like it’s a different card rather than the same card but done properly.


Metro 2033

Finally we have a game that closes the gap between our cards, although as we’ve proven from previous testing it’s more because Metro 2033 isn’t very well optimised rather than any inherent flaws in the testing. Even still the Lightning manages to eke out enough of a lead to show its dominance.


Mafia II

Finally we have the excellent, if a little short, Mafia II. By virtue of its console roots all of our cards can give immense frame-rates in this game. Still the Lightning at stock is keeping tabs on the overclocked reference 480 and the overclocked Lightning is in a difference league altogether.

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