nVidia GTX560 Ti Review

nVidia GTX560 Ti Review

Unigine 0xAA

The Unigine Heaven benchmark is something that has always been determined to use every ounce of performance available to it and so it’s no surprise to see the little GTX560 Ti struggles a lot compared to the other cards on test.

What you have to bear in mind through the Unigine results is that the card is being put up against much pricier cards. We originally were going to put it against the similarly priced AMD offering but it was so far ahead that it would have been a very tedious review to both read and write. So considering the price differential its putting up a very sturdy performance.

Unigine 8xAA

With the increase in Image Quality comes a subsequent decrease in performance, although it’s good to see that the GTX560 Ti is only dropping by an equivalent percentage to the rest. Enough synthetic, let’s move into the real world.