PowerColor HD6990 LCS Review

PowerColor HD6990 LCS Review


When we first reviewed the HD6990 we found it to be a phenomenally impressive card. A total powerhouse. However the main issue was, as it is with most of the current range of Radeon cards, heat and noise.

The perfect solution to any heat problem is to go from air-cooling to water-cooling. Modern CPU coolers are of such high-quality that water-cooling isn’t such a desperately important thing for the heart of our machines, but graphics technology has continued apace and almost outstripped the capabilities of standard air-cooling to keep the cards cool. So water-cooling is ideal for our power-hungry, eye-candy providing behemoths.

Enter PowerColor with their take upon the HD6990 with a factory fitted EK Waterblock. A perfect opportunity to get a system built we think.

Technical Specifications

Aside from the addition of the EK Waterblock, the PowerColor HD6990 is a standard card beneath that Delrin exterior.

Graphics Engine RADEON HD6990
Video Memory 4GB GDDR5
Engine Clock 830MHz / 880MHz
Memory Clock 1250MHz (5.0Gbps)
Memory Interface 2 X 256bit (256bit)
DirectX® Support 11
Bus Standard PCIE 2.1
Standard Display Connecors Dual-link DVI-I / 4 X mini DisplayPort
OpenGL Support
CrossFireXâ„¢ Technology Support
ATI Stream Technology Support
ATI Eyefinity Technology Support
ATI Hypermemory Technology
VGA Output Yes, By DVI to VGA converter
DVI Output Dual-link DVI-I / 4 X mini DisplayPort
DisplayPort On Board
HDMI On Board
TV Output
HDTV Output
HDCP Support Support
VGA 2048×1536
DVI 2560×1600
DisplayPort 2560×1600
HDMI 1920×1200
Board Dimensions 305mmx110mmx38mm
Minimum System Power requirement (W) 750W
Extention Power Connector two 8-pin PCI Express Power connectors