PowerColor HD7970 Overclocking & Eyefinity Review

PowerColor HD7970 Eyefinity Review


Now we’ve discovered how surprisingly good the HD7970 is, and that by any measure it’s a great card capable of pushing a GTX580 to the limits and sometimes surpassing dual-GPU cards, it’s time to really stretch it out.

Enter PowerColor.

We’ve reviewed quite a few cards from PowerColor in the last twelve months including some hardcore liquid-cooled cards and our very recent look at the Zenith of the Cayman XT cards, the Devil 13 HD6970.

Now being such a new piece of hardware this is very much a reference card with a different sticker. So there isn’t a huge amount of interesting things to comment upon that isn’t just repeating what we’ve pointed out in the VTX3D review. So because these are all going up at the same time, and to save you all reading the same thing over and over, let’s crack on with taking a look at the PowerColor.


Does anyone else look at the design and instantly think of Stargate? It’s great to see that PowerColor are including a game in the box, something that far too few companies do. Although we’d like to see something that isn’t so ubiquitous that we don’t know anybody who hasn’t got Dirt3 already, it’s always nice to get a freebie. 

About the only thing we don’t really like is how the graduated text blends a bit too much into the box art. This is a HD7970, the first great card from the red team in well over a year. It needs to stand out more we think.

PowerColor HD7970 Eyefinity Review     PowerColor HD7970 Eyefinity Review