PowerColor RX 480 Red Devil Review

PowerColor RX 480 Red Devil Review


With many manufacturers having their own particular brand name for their high end cards, it’s no surprise to see new models appearing. After all, once you’ve established that your Rampage, or Lightning, or Super OverClock is the model to have, it would be crazy to not take advantage of this brand identity.

PowerColors public perception is predominately placed around their Radeon based overclocked card, the Devil Series. It’s been a while since we’ve had a Devil card here in OC3D Towers – the HD7990 was the last we can recall – so it’s great to see that they’ve picked up the gauntlet laid down by the excellent performance of the RX 480 Polaris GPU and applied their factory overclock to it.

Maybe it’s our Western Religion iconography bias, but we can’t think of a devil that isn’t red, assuming we don’t include dust devils and Tasmanian Devils. It seems odd to call it the Red Devil when all devils are red, or not to make the card red to justify the redundant addition of the hue.

However, let’s ignore any minor quibbles about nomenclature and concentrate upon the performance.

Technical Specifications

The design of the RX 480 definitely seems to have a hard limit of 1330MHz clock speed. We’ve seen nearly all the big Polaris cards now, and none of them break the 1330MHz barrier.

PowerColor RX 480 Red Devil Review