Sparkle X560 Ti DF Calibre Review

Sparkle X560 Ti DF Calibre Review


Sparkle graphics cards have been quietly performing very well in recent years.

Whilst not necessarily the first brand you think of when choosing your next GPU, they nonetheless have been very solid, with some models being up there with the best.

Today we’re taking a look at a highly modified GTX560Ti which is part of Sparkle’s Calibre range. Similar to the RoG models from ASUS, or the MSI Lightning range etc., the Calibre variant has a good overclock and the de rigueur twin fan cooler.

So does it sparkle brightly or merely twinkle and fade?

Technical Specifications

Compared to the standard GTX560Ti which comes with a 822MHz core you can see that the Calibre has a hefty overclock indeed, all the way up to 950MHz. The memory too has been upped from 4000MHz to 4600MHz. With these big leaps in clock speed there should be a decent amount of extra performance when compared to the standard model, which is already a good performer.

Model Number X560Ti DF
Graphics Processing Unit GeForce GTX 560Ti
Core Clock 950 MHz
Memory Clock 4602 MHz
Memory Type 1024MB GDDR5
Memory Interface 256-bit
Stream Processors Cores 384
Bus Type PCI-Express 2.0
Outputs Mini HDMI x1
Dual Link DVI-I x2

Time to take a look at what’s in the box.