XFX 280GTX XXX Edition

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With the advent of the mighty 4870×2, XFX have tweaked the GPU and memory clockspeed of NVidias flagship 280GTX to bring you its top of the pile XFX 280GTX ‘XXX’ edition. We reviewed the stock clocked MSI GTX280 back in June of this year so rather than re-hash reviews of the same old cards and benchmarks showing a predictable increase in scores, we will explore the 280GTX’s capabilities with a series of benchmarks aimed more specifically at PhysX and endeavour to explore what PhysX is and how it works. 
Before we delve into the world of PhysX lets take a look at the card we will be using for todays review.
As previous stated, this 280GTX is no ordinary GTX, it is the premier overclocked ‘XXX’ edition. As it is overclocked you can guarantee that these overclocks have been stringently tested in house with the cherry picked cores and memory to bring you blistering speed along with rock solid reliability.
As you can see, the GPU clockspeed has been increased just over 10% from a stock 602mhz to a toasty 670mhz and the memory has been hoisted up to to a head spinning 1250(2500) MHz from a stock 1107(2214)Mhz, meaning that the Shader clock speed has also increased to  1458mhz – an 11.2% increase from stock 1296mhz! Mouthwatering overclocking from XFX! However, we at OC3D will never be content with a manufactured overclock and we will see, later in the review, how much more performance we can squeeze from the card. For now though, lets take a look at the packaging and presentation.