ASUS Cerberus Fortus Mouse Review

ASUS Cerberus Fortus Mouse Review


Almost anything technical always has a trickle down effect. The Mercedes S Class shows us what we can expect to see on our regular cars in ten years or so. High end televisions have elements which will soon be part of the TV you can buy from your local supermarket. Similarly home computers have items at the high end that will eventually find their way into the more affordable sector.

With peripherals though, the effect is slightly different.

Knowing that there is a huge swathe of fans who believe that they too would be able to win e-Sports World Titles if only they had the new Ultra Elite Turbo Alpha mouse, peripheral companies spend an awful lot of their time and budget on designing ever higher-end models with even better sensors, more buttons. The eternal quest to replicate the overnight success of the Razer Boomslang and become the de facto standard way of moving a pointer around a screen.

That means that at the more affordable end of the market very little development work goes on. High end sensors never seem to trickle down to the base models. It’s almost as if affordable mice are treated like a different breed to their higher end cousins and shorn of all the cool features and build quality refinements without breaking the bank. The new ASUS Cerberus Fortus seeks to remedy this by ticking an awful lot of desirability boxes whilst keeping the sensor at a level usable by mere mortals and thus the price very much in the affordable bracket.

We find out how successful they have been.

Technical Specifications

The Cerberus Fortus is very light, just 114 grams, and has the always important RGB lighting alongside industry standard Omron switches, married up to a 4000 DPI sensor. Let’s take a closer look.

ASUS Cerberus Fortus Mouse Review