ASUS ROG Gladius III Mouse Review

ASUS ROG Gladius III Mouse Review


The ASUS mouse range has always been a bit of an anomaly in their vast range of products. As we’re sure you’re aware ASUS have a product that covers every possible thing you could ever associate with PCs, from cases to monitors and everything in between.

When it comes to their peripherals, even the ROG ones, they are more fine enough than anything particularly earth-shattering. With the exception of a couple of mice, nearly all of them are following the market trends rather than setting them. It might seem like a small thing but when you consider how much of modern PC hardware has been designed by ASUS and copied by others it means you’re left with the impression that their peripheral department is the red-headed stepchild of their setup. It’s not to say they’re bad per se, just that they are things we’ve seen before but with an ASUS logo.

The Gladius III is the third model in the ASUS ROG Gladius range, and with a beefy sensor and some excellent lighting it promises much, particularly if you’re the type of gamer who wants a light weight mouse without resorting to having holes cut into the chassis. Let’s take a closer look.

Technical Specifications

Connectivity USB 2.0 (Wireless model available)
Resolution 19000 DPI Optical Sensor – Up to 26000 DPI with interpolation
Speed 400 IPS
Acceleration 50G
Polling Rate 1000 Hz
Switches ROG Microswitch – swappable
Buttons 6 buttons and scroll wheel
AURA Lighting AURA Sync compatible
Cable 2m Paracord
Weight 79g
Contents Gladius III, 2 micro switches, 1 switch remover, stickers, spare feet