CM Storm Alcor and Mizar Mice Review

CM Storm Alcor and Mizar Mice Review


The CM Storm branch of Cooler Master was, initially, a risky proposition. A manufacturer that had built up a wealth of brand identity moving into the extremely competitive peripheral market that requires slightly different design philosophies was always going to be a chance. Perhaps that’s why the CM Storm brand was created, just in case it didn’t work. 

However, it’s fair to say that the CM Storm brand has most definitely worked, producing an array of affordable and high quality items that have found a home on an array of desktops around the world.

Today sees the release of two new mice to the CM Storm range, and both of them combine sensible design choices with good options for the consumer, and wrap it up in a very affordable package. Let’s bring in CM Storm themselves to explain :

Alcor is fitted with the Avago 3090 optical sensor while Mizar utilizes the Avago 9800 laser sensor. Both sensors are tuned for gaming with high speed actions and very precise tracking. Combine this with a low weight of about 121 grams and unparalleled ergonomics both mice are perfect for gaming. The physical design and layout of both mice remain true to a classic, right-handed, and ergonomic feel while each button is intuitively placed to ensure quick setup and more comfortable long-term use.

Technical Specifications

The Laser/Optical debate is one that rages long and hard, with both camps fervently defending their preference. With the Alcor and Mizar you can have a choice whilst not compromising the design. Both mice are almost identical, although the Mizar is the slightly higher specification model in terms of customisation, and naturally a Laser sensor is capable of much higher DPI sensitivity than an optical offering.

Model Alcor Mizar
Type Optical Laser
Sensor Avago 3090 Avago 9800
DPI 4000 8200
Switches Omron Omron
Other Features LED Profile Indicator LED Profile Indicator
7 Programmable Buttons
Customisation Software