CM Storm Quickfire Rapid-i Review

CM Storm Quickfire Rapid-i Review


The CM Storm range has been one of the best peripheral setups in recent times, with an array of well crafted products with great features at an affordable price.

Their keyboard range is certainly one with a bevy of potential choices, with everything from expensive models with every possible element covered, down to much more affordable ones. Today we’re taking a look at the latest model in the Quickfire range, the Quickfire Rapid-i.

As always with manufacturers naming conventions you can make an educated guess as to the major features from the model name, and so it is with the Quickfire model, the Rapid indicating a user-controllable repeat rate, and the i because it’s smaller than regular keyboards. In fact as it comes without a numpad it would be easy to assume the i is related to Apple’s range of products.

Technical Specifications

Most manufacturers provide a variety of the Cherry MX Switches in their products, and CM Storm are no different with the Rapid-i available in Blue, Red and Brown varieties. Today’s test sample has the Brown switches, which combines a light actuation pressure with a barely detectable tactile bump. It’s probably our favourite of the Cherry MX range.

Beyond there we find all the elements that make up a good mechanical keyboard. N-key rollover, backlighting, braided cables, the works. Let’s take a look at it.

Model number SGK-4040-GKCL1(Blue switch)
SGK-4040-GKCM1(Brown switch)
SGK-4040-GKCR1(Red switch)
Switch availability may vary on language layout
Key Rollover NKRO (Windows only)
Keycaps ABS, grip coated, removable
Polling Rate 1000 Hz/1ms
Backlight All White, All keys, 5 settings and 5 modes
Windows Key Lock Yes
On-board Memory 128k bytes
Media Keys Yes (via F keys)
Interface Micro USB 2.0, full speed
USB cable 1.8m braided, gold plated and removable
Dimensions 35.9(L) *13.8(W) *3.9(H) cm
14.1(L) *5.4(W) *1.5(H) inch
Weight 932 g / 2.05 lbs