CM Storm Reaper Gaming Mouse Review

CM Storm Reaper Gaming Mouse Review


The final item in our look at three uniformly designed CM Storm products, the Aluminium range, is the Reaper Gaming Mouse.

So far we’ve discovered incredible build quality from the Mech Keyboard, and solid if unspectacular performance from the Pulse-R headset.

The Reaper Mouse has a lot more to live up to than the previous two reviews though. After all, the Mech keyboard was following some more mid-range models, and the CM Storm history with headsets has never been their star item. Mice, however, most certainly are the product that has consistently produced the goods.

Whether it’s the Recon, Havoc, Sentinel or Xornet, the back catalogue of CM Storm mice is a parade of excellent products at great prices, and we’ve loved every one. Time to discover if the latest addition to this suite of mice hits it out the park.

Technical Specifications

If you’re a connoisseur of gaming rodents you’ll know that the main two parts of the Reaper are already spot on, with the outstanding Avago 9800 sensor married to the glorious Omron switches. In the same way that any mechanical keyboard worth its salt uses Cherry switches, so all the top end mice tend to use the Avago/Omron combination.

Design Palm Design
Body Plastic / Aluminum / Rubber
Sensor Avago 9800
DPI 8200
Switch Omron 5 million clicks
Onboard Memory 128k
Inch Per Second 150
Max. Acceleration 30g
LED color White
Cable length 1.8m/ 5.75 feet Braided cable