CM Storm Trigger Z Keyboard Review

CM Storm Trigger Z Keyboard Review


Regular readers of OC3D will be aware that we love a good mechanical keyboard. Although a laptop style one can be good too, there is little better than the feel of some Cherry switches beneath your fingers.

Indeed we’ve reviewed so many Cherry equipped keyboards that we’re sure you’re all aware of the benefits to both typing speed and stress and strain that they can provide. Usually when there is a choice of keyboards we get sent the blue switch variant, which has a deliberate extra click for tactile feedback. This means that they end up sounding exactly as you’d expect the keyboards from the 80s to sound which can put a lot of people off. Especially if your computer is in a family room and you’re having to type whilst others are attempting to watch the television or what have you.

For this reason we often recommend purchasing a red or brown switch version if a choice is available. So it’s with a song in our heart that we discovered the latest CM Storm keyboard, the Trigger Z, arrived at our offices replete with the Cherry MX Brown switches. These provide the tactile bump that allows you to learn when the key is actuated, without the noise of the blue. They’re a halfway house between the linear response of a red switch and the typing pleasure of a blue.

Technical Specifications

With LED backlighting, 5 dedicated macro buttons and a very high rollover figure, the Trigger Z ticks all the mechanical keyboard boxes.

Product Number
SGK- 6010- GKCL1
SGK- 6010- GKCR1
SGK- 6010- GKCM1
Key Switch
CHERRY MX Blue with blue backlight
CHERRY MX Brown switch with white backlight
CHERRY MX Red switch with red backlight
Macro Key 15 in each profile
Profiles 5 profiles
On-board Memory 128k bytes
Dimensions 47.6(L) *25.3(W) *3.8(H) cm
18.7(L) *10(W) *1.5(H) inch
Weight 1516 g / 3.34 lbs

Key features
Fully programmable! Save up to 5 Profiles and 75 Macros on the Keyboard
Powerful Rapid Fire Engine for faster hardware Macro playback
5 easily accessible Macro keys as well as Multimedia and Win-lock shortcuts
On the fly Macro recording – record and use key combos without leaving the game
Profile switch key-combo – Switch between keyboard profiles within an instant
Detachable wrist rest, braided USB cable and gold plated plugs
Online firmware updates
64 KRO – 64 simultaneous key presses