Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse Review


Such has been the rate of progress in gaming mice that whereas once the mere addition of a beefy sensor was enough to raise the interest of the hardcore gamers, now a high quality sensor is a given and it is in the finer details that the differences between various mice can be found. The Corsair Nightsword RGB combines an awful lot of good ideas into the one package, without feeling like a Frankenstein’s Monster of a rodent, nor being so ‘unique’ in its design that it requires a two week intensive familiarisation course to get up to speed with. A trickier set of elements to get right than you might imagine.

Of course we have to start with the sensor. Not that long ago Avago sensors were the dominant force in the marketplace but they have been quickly overtaken by the Pixart offerings. At the heart of the Nightsword is the PMW3391 and in form used in this particular Corsair mouse it can run between 100 and 18000 DPI, with adjustments available on both x and y axes in 1 DPI increments. If you’re exceptionally sensitive when it comes to muscle memory and sensor sensitivity then the Corsair Nightsword RGB has all your bases covered. It responds well, with 400 Inches Per Second capability at 50 G acceleration. Okay you are unlikely to be able to move it 33 feet in a second – if you can consider trying out for the Olympic 100M – but it is nice to know that anything you ask it to do it will be able to handle.

The Nightsword has a lot of power then. How does it fair in the control stakes? Spoiler alert; Brilliantly. The vast majority of the outer surfaces are covered in a heavily textured rubber finish. It isn’t as soft and sticky as some we’ve tried, but it keeps the Nightsword in your grasp at all times and the slightly harder finish feels like it will last much longer than the softer options do. If you use your mouse as much as we do then longevity is a key element. The use of the 50 million click rated Omron switches only add to the feeling that the Nightsword will be with you for a very long time. Comfort is additionally aided by the thumb platform and placement of the buttons. Thumb platforms aren’t new, but we like them more than we might have expected to when they first appeared. If you’re a palm-grip player then it just helps you grip whilst also lessening fatigue during those “way past the recommended break every hour” marathon sessions. Equally there are a number of mice with large button numbers that end up having to place them in awkward spots, but the placement of all of the buttons on the Nightsword are ergonomically perfect, being easy to hit without getting in the way. If you’ve never used a mouse with more than two side buttons it’s a great entry point, as until you need the extra ones they are out of the way and when you do they are within easy reach.

Lastly we have to talk about the weight system. We’ve seen a few mice with adjustable weights in them but what really sets the Corsair Nightsword RGB apart from the competition is how well it has been implemented. Not only do you get 2 different weight, erm, weights but the iCUE software automatically recognises which weights you have in which spots, and adjusts the centre of gravity display to let you know how your efforts are changing the balance of the mouse. There are enough spots to place them that you can be assured of getting the mouse exactly tailored to your preference, and it’s a matter of moments to swap them around and get a feel for it thanks to the tool-less solution Corsair have employed.

With a great sensor, quality feel, comfortable design and lots of customisation options the Corsair Nightsword RGB sits much higher than its £70 price tag would lead you to believe. The star of the show is the outstanding weight adjustment solution which is the most refined take on the formula we’ve seen and wins the Nightsword RGB our OC3D Innovation Award.

Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse Review  

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