Enermax Acrylux Keyboard Review

Enermax Acrylux Keyboard Review


We’ve seen a whole array of keyboards come across our desks. Most of the ones that we see are of the old-school style that have a beautiful tactile feel when pressing the key.

However we know that many people, ourselves included, have spent so much time typing on either laptops, or laptop style keyboards that the flatter, quieter, scissor keyboards have an enormous following.

With this in mind we take a look today at the Acrylux keyboard from Enermax. A winner of a design award and in piano black it’s guaranteed to be a looker, but how does it perform?

Technical Specifications

Whilst keyboards don’t have the lengthy specifications that we normally see at this point in our reviews, nonetheless it’s nice to see the Acrylux at least has some specs, which is more than many we see.

Material Reinforced acryl & plastic
Connectivity USB 2.0
USB Hub 2 x ports USB 2.0
Key Stroke Patented „Scissors“ technology
Key Zones 3 (full-size layout)
Available Keyboard Layouts US, UK & DE
Power Source USB power (+5V)
Colour Black
Dimensions L 460 x D 160 x H 9.2 mm
Weight 873g


The box that the Acrylux comes in gives you a taster of what is to come by being sleek and minimalist. Enermax deservedly show the award that the keyboard received for design, and as we’ll see on the next page it was one well deserved.

Enermax Acrylux Keyboard Review     Enermax Acrylux Keyboard Review

So what’s in the box? Read on.