Gamdias Hermes Gaming Keyboard Review

Gamdias Hermes Gaming Keyboard Review


Such is the fiercely competitive nature of the peripheral market that many companies have come and gone, with only a few managing to make a mark and become household names. The latest company to chance their arm in the world is Gamdias.  Exactly when they first appeared is open to something of a debate. Their website provides two possible answers :

GAMDIAS Technology was founded 2011. Not only do we aim to set the bar for quality and practicality, we also go above and beyond with our designs to enhance your gaming experience.

GAMDIAS Technology was founded 2012,with team of over 100 led by RK HAN. Successfully creating the gaming brand known as GAMDIAS. Our team emphasizes the fundamental need of gamers, integrated with creativity and artistic beauty.

Conceptualized in 2013 GAMDIAS will redefine the Electronic Sports (eSports) landscape for gamers worldwide. Backed by international award winning designers (Red Dot), innovative think tanks, and inspirational brand leaders, GAMDIAS will be the next generation of Gaming Gear.

So as you can see, the only thing that we can be certain of is that they are a relatively new brand with big ideas for their future impace in the world of eSports. With a small selection of items to choose from at the moment, we’re going to focus upon their Hermes Gaming Keyboard, specifically the ‘Ultimate Black’ version.

Technical Specifications

In keeping with nearly every mechanical keyboard on the market now, the Hermes utilises Cherry MX switches at the heart of it. The unique selling point is the ‘Gamdias Element’. This is a “rubber insert which is designed to increase the depression speed of keys, and dampen the keystroke clacking noise.” We’re all for removing noise wherever possible, especially from mechanical keyboards. Utilising the softest Cherry MX Brown’s you still have more noise than one would expect from a laptop style keyboard so any reduction can only be beneficial. The other thing that catches the eye immediately is the sheer scale of the Hermes. Those with tiny desks need not apply.

Cable Length 2.2M
Polling Rate 1000 Hz
Onboard Memory 512KB
Dimension(LxWxH) 474.85 x 310.83 x 39 mm(w/ Wrist Rest)
Switch Lifecycle 50 Million
Graphical UI Yes (GAMDIAS HERA)
Key Switch Cherry MX mechanical switches
Additional Macro Keys 13
Multimedia Keys 6
Backlit All Keys with 6 Levels Brightness
N-Key Rollover Yes, N-Key / 6-Key Option
OTF Macro Record Yes (with HERA)
Windows Key Disable Yes (Game Mode)
All-Keys Lock Yes
Onboard Audio Jacks Audio-Out / Mic-In Jacks
Onboard USB Port One USB Pass-through Port
Interface USB