Gigabyte XM300 Gaming Mouse Review

Gigabyte XM300 Gaming Mouse Review


Such is the consistency of the modern gaming mouse that it makes perfect sense for every manufacturer to produce a model of their own. Whereas once upon a time it was down to specialist manufacturers to produce gaming mice worthy of the name, the ubiquity of the Pixart and Avago sensors matched up to Omron switches is such that you just need to change the logo and you have a product guaranteed to be successful.

Enter Gigabyte with the XM300.

There have been many peripherals from Gigabyte over the years. Like many large companies that have such a wide range of products some have been good, some less so, but they’ve all come with the reassurance that any big companies products have, namely the company will always be around.

With full RGB lighting, a Pixart sensor and a right-handed design, how does the XM300 fare in such a crowded marketplace?

Technical Specifications

The XM300 comes equipped with the Pixart 3988 sensor. One which supports up to 6400DPI along with enough accelerative performance to guarantee you wont move the XM300 so fast it can’t keep up. With microfine, 50DPI at a time, control you can be sure that there will be a setting to match your comfort level. Additionally with a weight that barely tips past the 100g mark, and buttons which support twenty million clicks, the Gigabyte XM300 will stop you getting fatigued and last an awfully long time indeed.

Gigabyte XM300 Gaming Mouse Review