Logitech G Wireless Pro Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech G Wireless Pro Gaming Mouse Review


Logitech have long been one of the mainstays of peripherals. Whilst not necessarily ground-breaking in any particular regard, they produce a huge range of products. In fact they have so many that we think it’s fair to say everyone has owned a Logitech something in their gaming life. Whether it is one of their incredible ranges of steering wheel and pedal setups that have long been the benchmark by which all others are judged, or merely an affordable keyboard or mouse, their brand is both famous and popular.

We know that not everybody follows the world of peripherals, but if you did then you’ll have seen the huge amount of people badgering Logitech to take their small, lightweight G-Series ethos and apply it to a high end gaming mouse. Even until very recently Logitech weren’t giving anything away when answering these please but now we know the truth. In a research and development department deep in the heart of Logitech they were working on combining their LIGHTSPEED wireless technology with a fully featured HERO sensor to bring their most accurate wireless mouse to the gaming public.

We are here to discover if those efforts have led to a product worthy of the G series branding. So let’s crack on.

Technical Specifications

The specifications for the G Wireless Pro Gaming read like a wishlist of the most premium features that you might expect to find on a flagship rodent. The chassis is smaller than most, perfect for those of you with smaller hands or who are simply younger. The HERO sensor that beats at the heart of the G Wireless Pro promises to pique the interest of anyone who is tired of mice which artificially inflate their numbers with interpolation and hardware acceleration. 100-16000 DPI without any filtering or smoothing should lead to a seriously responsive mouse that always placed your cursor exactly where you desire it.

Claimed battery life is excellent but what really makes the G Wireless Pro stand out is the insanely low weight of a mere 80g. Not only one of the lightest wireless mice we’ve seen but the lightest mice full stop.

Logitech G Wireless Pro Gaming Mouse Review