Logitech G213 Prodigy RGB Keyboard Review

Logitech G213 Prodigy RGB Keyboard Review


You would think that by stripping down the features to hone the design into a simple, no nonsense affair that the G213 Prodigy could broaden its appeal. After all, keyboards such as the G910 might have plenty of features but unless they cater to your specific taste then it’s easy to exclude it from your shortlist because paying for elements you wont use is obviously foolish.

However, the G213 Prodigy, by dint of simplifying the design, actually ends up narrowing its potential audience even more than you might expect.

If you want a gaming keyboard then the rather simple lighting modes and lack of dedicated macro keys will be a deal breaker. It’s just a keyboard with nothing extra as such. So perhaps it’s for the dedicated typists? That definitely isn’t the case as the use of membrane switches coupled to an extremely bendy chassis makes the whole typing process one that is far more squidgy than is pleasant. Sure it’s fine for banging out an email or a forum post, but even those are hardly delightful and anything lengthier is distinctly unpleasant. We were absolutely shocked by how much flex there is in the keyboard. You never feel it is going to break, but it is by no means a firm surface upon which to work.

So it’s not purely for gamers. It’s not purely for typists. Maybe it’s for those who haven’t got large budgets and just want a cheap RGB keyboard? At a MSRP of £60 though the G213 Prodigy is hardly cheap. There are plenty of keyboards which have better lighting options, or more enjoyable typing, or better gaming features, and many of them are available for far less than the G213 Prodigy.

Sometimes a product is a jack of all trades and thus ends up being well rounded. And sometimes, like the G213 Prodigy, it is a jack of no trades that ends up being just too expensive to recommend. At £40 it would be fine, but £60 puts it right up against some of the cheapest mechanical offerings and not far short of some serious heavy hitters. We’re big fans of no frills hardware and there is clearly a market for products which do what they do with the minimum of fuss, but sadly the G213 Prodigy has the build quality of a £20 keyboard and some heavily restricted lighting capabilities and putting it as part of their Gaming range aren’t enough to justify the lofty price tag.

Logitech G213 Prodigy RGB Keyboard Review  

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