MSI Clutch GM50 Gaming Mouse Review

MSI GM50 Gaming Mouse Review


The latest additions to the MSI peripheral range are three gaming mice. There is the Clutch GM70 and Clutch GM60, with increasingly high DPI sensors, RGB sections and customisable side panels, whilst at the good value end is the Clutch GM50 that we’re reviewing today.

The MSI Clutch GM50 might sit at the bottom of the new releases, but it’s also the first model in their range that brings RGB lighting to the party. It can’t have escaped your notice that RGB is the weapon of choice on all the latest high end peripherals, but it always comes at a significant price hike when compared to its single hued cousins. With the Clutch GM50 MSI have managed to bring all the toys to the party without breaking the bank.

At the leading edge of eSports sensor DPIs have reached stratospheric levels, but like all professional products in any hobby the famous people receive theirs for free and we, the masses, require something which is near to that level of quality and capability without necessarily remortgaging our house to obtain it. It’s why there are Mexican Stratocasters, entry-level DLSRs, touchscreen mobiles from brands of which you’ve never heard.

Fortunately the MSI brand is strong and their production capability enormous, so the Clutch GM50 should be kind on our bank balance whilst being harsh on our enemies. Let’s find out.

Technical Specifications

The key elements of any mouse are comfort for marathon sessions, switch quality so it always does what we want the moment we’ve thought of it, and a sensor accurate enough that our headshots or unit selections are crisp and spot on every single time. The Clutch GM50 sports the famous PixArt PWM 3330 Optical sensor that has a maximum DPI of 7200, more than enough for the enthusiastic amateur. This is selectable in 100 DPI increments, also accurate enough for almost everybody. The switches are the ubiquitous Omron offerings. If you’re new to mice then Omron are to mouse microswitches what Cherry are to mechanical keyboards. The best, so everyone uses them. As for the comfort? Let’s look at that now.

MSI GM50 Gaming Mouse Exploded view  
MSI GM50 Gaming Mouse Specifications