OCZ Behemoth Gaming Mouse

Introduction Behemoth
Mice have long been a topic of heated debate amongst computer users, especially when gamers are brought into the equation. When choosing a mouse that is right for you, three key factors will usually cross your mind, the first being Ergonomics; how the mouse is best suited for the user, both in shape, size and the tasks it will be used to perform. This is possibly the most influential factor that you will base your choice of mouse upon as it needs to feel comfortable during extended periods of use, and deliver the necessary performance for whatever tasks you may undertake.
Next we have budget. Many consumers don’t want to spend obscene amounts of money on what may only be a slight gain in terms of performance, comfort or other more trivial matters, so they focus on the best price/performance or best features available within a certain price range. However, a select few like myself will spend over and above what is considered respectable, just to have and to hold the latest technology in the palm of your hand.
Last and by no means least we have Aesthetics. Some of you may put this before budget, but that’s purely a personal opinion, and one we won’t get in to. Long gone are the days were a standard two button corded mouse appeals to the average computer user. With a vast variety of mice flooding the market, in all shapes and sizes, some sleek and stylish and others in your face with their bold designs, making a foothold with a new mouse isn’t easy and deciding which one tickles your fancy often proves as difficult.
OCZ need little to no introduction. Gamers and Enthusiasts alike will recognise OCZ as one of the biggest names in computer memory, ranging from high speed DDR all the way up to enthusiast level DDR3 modules. This reputation has been built from the ground up by the sheer determination and expertise of the company as a whole. Over the past few years OCZ have broadened their horizons and moved into other markets including Power Supply Units, Peripherals and DIY notebooks with the intent to provide the best products on the market along with 110% customer satisfaction. Call me sceptical, but this is a big ask, especially in today’s rapidly evolving computer industry. Baring all of the above in mind (if that’s even possible), today we are going to be looking at one of three laser gaming mice by OCZ, the OCZ Behemoth.
The following specification was taken from OCZ’s product page.
2-Way Scroll wheel
Buttons: Std. 5 + 1 dpi Toggle Switch
Hot Key: 1 Mode Switch
Dimensions: (L)118mm x (W)71mm x (H)44mm
Weight: up to 159g (adjustable)
DPI: 800-1600-2400-3200
4-way changing LED display
Tracking speed: 60IPS
Acceleration: 50G
MCU: On board Memory
Programmable Functions for Keyboard Command saving
18g Customisable weights
Interface: USB 2.0 / Full speed
Includes Customisation Software
2-year warranty*
Many of the features above are far from what you would expect to see on a budget gaming mouse, let alone one costing a mere £16.99. I must admit that I am mightily impressed by the specifications listed, and can only hope that will all this power under its hood the Behemoth won’t falter during our test procedures.