OCZ Elixir Gaming Keyboard

A short while ago we got to look at OCZ’s latest mouse in their peripherals line up. Next under the microscope is their keyboard. A new product range has been dreamed up for the keyboards going by the name of the Alchemy series, and consisting entirely of the Elixir and the Elixir II. The latter being a slimmer, cut down version of the former. Today I’ll be taking a fine tooth comb to the more feature-filled Elixir.
So on to the official blurb from OCZ’s very own site:
Alchemy Gaming Peripherals / Elixir Series Keyboards

Featuring a wealth of user-friendly features combined with an ergonomic and sturdy design, the Elixir keyboard will deliver a unique combination of performance and vale to gamers as they blaze through the latest PC titles.

The Elixir is a high-quality keyboard featuring the necessary features such as 10 tri-mode programmable macro keys, mode selection, a pop-up menu shortcut, and Windows® Media Players optical controller. The sleek design of the Alchemy Elixir Series will maintain your comfort throughout long gaming sessions with its membrane tactical keys made from 100% rubber-coating for no-slip comfort and ergonomic design. The Elixir features an extremely reliable lifestyle of 5 million cycles. The Elixir series is compatible with Windows® XP (SP2 or later) and Windows® Vista™.

And the specifications list on the same page:
Dimensions: (W)20”x(D)7.87”x(H)1.14”
Weight: 1.85 lbs
Travel Distance: 3.8 +/- 0.2mm
Operating Force: 55 +/- 12g
Connection: USB 2.0
Membrane Tactile Switches
Rubberized Coating on all Keys


10 Blue Macro Keys with 3 User Defined Profiles
7 Internet Hot Keys
8 Keys for Media
Mode Selection: Switch between standard PC Mode or customized gaming mode
Lifespan: 5 million cycles
One-year warranty

The Elixir comes in pretty much what you would expect a keyboard to come in: a long, thin cardboard box only just bigger than the keyboard itself. The front shows off a large image of the keyboard inside and the product’s name and Alchemy branding. Of course, there is also a sentence advertising some of the more prominent features. The back of the box gives a map of the keyboard complete with a key showing what all the extra fancy buttons do, next to the specifications in multiple languages and a bunch of certifications. Also, you will notice that the keyboard suffers from being a US layout. No UK layout has yet been released, but it is on the books.
Box1 Box2
The inside isn’t really very imaginative, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s a keyboard. A protective polyethylene bag protects your Elixir from scratches but I don’t feel it offers much protection from bumps, knocks and ham-handed couriers. A simple upgrade to a bubble wrap pack would suffice to give that extra piece of mind, but it’s by no means a massive quibble.
Maybe a bit ambitious giving this an entire heading as it’s a keyboard; and that’s pretty much all you get. Or is it? The Elixir doesn’t come packaged with anything overly exciting, but it does give the user two packets of spare buttons, containing what OCZ must think are the most used buttons by gamers. Namely the WASD, arrow key, space and shift buttons. Quite a thoughtful addition to the package. Alongside them comes a quick start sheet and the driver CD.
Next we take a look at the board itself…