RAZER Destructor Precision Gaming Mat

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Okay so you’ve just built yourself a super duper new gaming rig, and haven’t skimped on any critical areas of the build – it’s a gaming monster that’ll play anything that you care to throw at it. But what point is there to having the ultimate gaming PC, when that cheap $5.00 mouse mat that you’ve purchased isn’t going to give you the perfect medium for accuracy and tracking?

Unfortunately; and more often than not, the humble mouse pad is often overlooked during an upgrade. In recent times there has been quite a move towards ‘alternative’ materials instead of traditional cloth type surfaces that will provide exceptional tracking for both laser and optical mice.

Enthusiast peripherals manufacturer, RAZER, are leading the charge in developing a mouse mat that will extract the maximum performance out of your gaming-grade mouse. RAZER has been working on the RAZER Destructor mouse mat for over two years; trialing different types of materials in consultation with professional gamers and the fruits of their labour has finally arrived.

Here’s what RAZER had to say about the  RAZER Desructor:


The Razer Destructorâ„¢ was co-designed, tested and validated by some of the most internationally respected and revered eSports teams, including Fnatic, Team World Elite and Team EG. Through their constant input, our engineers were able to push the boundaries of invention beyond all expectations, culminating in a product whose level of refinement is only possible at the highest echelons of competitive tuning.


It’s nice to see RAZER including feedback from professional gamers into their product’s R&D cycle. It would be great if other ‘enthusiast’ orientated companies adopted this approach.




Let’s begin the review by taking a look at the RAZER Destructor’s specifications, which by the way, were unashamedly copied from RAZER’ product page.


* Razer Fractalâ„¢ surface for high-precision gameplay
* Optimized for both optical and laser gaming-grade mice
* Ultra-wide size ideal for continuous, rapid swipes: 350mm (length) x 280mm (width) x 2.3mm (height)
* Non-slip rubber base for firm grip on smooth surfaces
* Includes a premium lightweight protective case



RAZER Destructor overview_1Razer Fractalâ„¢ textured surface for enhanced precision movements
The crux of the Razer Destructor™’s innovation lies in its proprietary gunmetal coating which yields a highly reactive surface. The result is superior tactility, improved responsiveness and enhanced tracking.
RAZER Destructor overview_2Optimized to improve optical and laser gaming-grade mouse performance
The Razer Destructorâ„¢ was made with one primary mission in mind: to coax the maximum performance from gaming-grade mice. And the results speak for themselves. Gaming-grade optical mice track up to 25% better on the Razer Destructorâ„¢, and gaming-grade laser mice up to 37% better, when compared to other gaming-mousing surfaces which are designed specifically for extremely precise movements.
RAZER Destructor overview_3Ultra-wide size
Measuring 350mm (length) x 280mm (width) x 2.3mm (height), the Razer Destructorâ„¢ provides an ample mousing area for lower-sensitivity gamers accustomed to performing sweeping movements.
Let’s head over the page to check out how the RAZER Destructor will arrive at your door…