Avexir Raiden Tesla ROG Certified DDR4 Memory

Avexir Raiden Tesla ROG Certified DDR4 Memory

Avexir Raiden Tesla ROG Certified DDR4 Memory


There are a lot of PC components that simply work well together, like Crucial’s Ballistix sport white memory and an ASUS Sabranco motherboard or CableMod’s new RGB LED strips and the RGB fan header on the ASUS Maximus VIII Formula motherboard. 

A lot can be said about the aesthetics of a custom built PC, a lot of us take pride in how we select our components whether it be to maximise our performance for how much money we spend or to carefully select components so that they perfectly match the look and feel that we have in mind for our PC.  

A lot of people love the Republic of Gamers brand, so much so that ASUS has expanded the range far beyond motherboards to GPUs and even monitors. ASUS do not produce every component type for custom PCs, so ROG enthusiast have little choice but to choose some components that do not hold the sacred logo.  

Recently ASUS announced the ROG Certification program, allowing the ROG branding to be used on non-ASUS product if certified, allowing ROG themed cases and even ROG themed memory to come to the market, bringing us to today’s article.  

Today we look at Avexir’s Raiden Tesla ROG Certified memory, but does it deliver everything that we would expect from an ROG product?   


 Avexir Tesla ROG Certified DDR4 Memory  Avexir Tesla ROG Certified DDR4 Memory   Avexir Tesla ROG Certified DDR4 Memory  Avexir Tesla ROG Certified DDR4 Memory  


To start off with the Avexir have packaged their memory very well, delivering them in a solidly constructed box that looks like it could survive even the most clumsy of couriers, meaning that your memory will no doubt arrive in pristine condition. 

This memory is only available at speeds of 2666MHz, but when combined with an ASUS ROG motherboard with a recent BIOS these kits will run at 2800MHz by using Avexir’s ROG certified memory profile. 

This memory is available in 2x4GB, 4x4GB, 2x8GB and 4x8GB kits, all of which run at 1.20V and come with some low 15-15-15-35 memory timings. 


Avexir Tesla ROG Certified DDR4 Memory


Aesthetically these kits look a lot like any of Avexir’s other Tesla branded memory, with the “Tesla” or “Lightning Bar” lighting at the top and the same basic shape. What changes with the ROG Certified version is that the illumination, this time, is red and that the sides of the memory have an ASUS ROG themed pattern and a red, black and grey colour scheme, with an ROG logo on the memory to certify its ROG branding. 


  Avexir Tesla ROG Certified DDR4 Memory  

When placing this memory onto a Republic of Gamers motherboard the memory looks right at home, matching perfectly with the aesthetic of both old and now ROG motherboards, making them perfect for the ROG fans that they are intended for, but that doesn’t mean that there are no shortcomings for this memory kit. 

When holding the memory it is clear that the majority of the enclosure around the memory is plastic, making the memory feel rather lightweight and cheap when installing it, which is a feeling that we don’t get from competing premium memory kits from Klevv or Corsair.  

One other thing is that the Red illumination on the memory is not a perfect match for the ROG motherboards that they are designed to be used with, looking pink in comparison to our Maximus VIII Formula in person, which is a bit of an oversight when considering that this kit has a hefty price tag. 


 Avexir Tesla ROG Certified DDR4 Memory  Avexir Tesla ROG Certified DDR4 Memory  



Avexir’s Raiden Tesla ROG memory is designed for a particular market in mind, a small niche that has been crying out for a memory kit that is perfect for their modern ROG themed PC.   

When combined with the right components this memory kit can look great, but they are far from perfect and they are not really worth the asking price.  

At the time of writing Avexir’s Raiden Tesla ROG Certified memory costs £99.99 for the 2x4GB kit and £199.99 for the 4x4GB and 2x8GB kits, which is a huge ask for these capacities, especially at speeds of just 2666MHz.  Comparing this to Corsair’s Dominator Platinum memory, where you can get a 4x4GB 2666Mhz kit for £139.99 and a 3000MHz kit for £149.99, the price of Avexir’s Raiden Tesla ROG memory is pretty difficult to swallow, especially given the fact that the heatsink on Dominator Platimum memory is metal. Another epic looking kit you can get comes from KLEVV and they also come in under the price of the raidens by a pretty big chunk.

The crime that Avexir’s Tesla ROG Certified memory makes is that it misses a lot of the fine details and is asking far too much for the performance it delivers. The memory feels lightweight and cheap when compared to other premium memory products and the red illumination is not the perfect match that we would expect from an ROG certified product, making it fall short of what we expect for such an eye-watering price tag. 

When delivering speeds of 2666MHz or 2800MHz when using an ROG motherboard the price of these kits are simply too much to ask, making us wish that Avexir and ASUS were a little less conservative when defining the specifications. If these kits ran at 2800MHz and worked at 3200MHz on ASUS motherboard we would have found the price of this memory much more reasonable, but sadly these kits are simply too slow at stock to be recommended at this price point.    

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