CSX Diablo3 PC3-16000 (DDR3 2000) 2GB kit

CSX Diablo PC3-16000Diablo – A name that conjures up images of an extremely fast 1990’s super car and horned beasts emerging from the fiery depths of hell. Sadly, OC3D declined to offer me a test drive of Lamborghini’s finest and I wasn’t keen on witnessing the spawn of Lucifer, so I settled for taking a look at a 2x1GB set of DDR3 ram bearing the same name.

Diablo3 are the current high end DDR3 modules available from little-known memory manufacturer Compustocx (CSX). While a relative unknown in the PC arena, Compustocx boast they are the largest European Apple memory upgrader, so they are no doubt very accustomed to using quality products and make use of only Grade ‘A’ chips. Being a JEDEC partner as well as holding ISO 9001 quality assurance in addition to over 10 years of experience only emphasises the fact that CSX are a premier outfit.

Not only do CSX build ‘standard’ memory modules, but they also provide modules built to order for system builders. You name your brand, chip and module size and CSX will do the rest. With a lifetime warranty also in place and without a lengthy RMA process (no RMA number is required), it should come as no surprise then that CSX sell over 5000 modules a day and have their modules in over two million Apple systems worldwide.

Today, however, we will be looking at CSX’s latest addition to the PC sector in the form of the Diablo3 2×1 GB 2000 kit. Although at the time of this review we have no definite confirmation of prices, our Latvian friends have DDR3 2GB kits priced at 100Ls (LVL), which using current conversion rates is equal to approx £80-90. Even adding VAT to that, these modules will come in at around the £100 mark, proving that DDR3 ram is now becoming ever more affordable and accessible to most enthusiasts. Hopefully the cheap price will not transfer into a cheap product, so without further a do, let’s take a look at the ram itself…