Edimax nMax Wireless 802.11n Gigabit Router

External Impressions

When we reviewed Edimax’s nLITE wireless adaptor, we passed comment on the Apple-esque looks of it, and the same holds true with the BR-6574n. It has a clean and simple look to it,  which I personally love. There are no garish or overly bold statements to be found on the router, and everything to be found on it serves a purpose, with the exception of some simple branding.

Edimax BR-6574n - FrontTop View  Edimax BR-6574n - Bottom View

Located on the front of the router is a greyish brown panel, which features some LED lit displays that give connection status and network activity information. It also has the router name and model featured on the left hand side. This panel is in keeping with the simple style and works well.

Edimax BR-6574n - Front Panel Left  Edimax BR-6574n - Front Panel Right View

On the rear panel, you will see the power supply input socket, 4x gigabit ethernet sockets and 1x WAN ethernet socket. There are also the 3 mounts for the wireless adaptors and the WPS / Reset button, which we will discuss further later on in the review.

Edimax BR-6574n - Rear Panel  Edimax BR-6574n - With antennas fitted

The Edimax BR-6574n is also supplied with a base, which clips on to the underside of the router and allows for vertical placement of the router.

Edimax BR-6574n - Base unit for side mounting  Edimax BR-6574n - Vertical Mounting

On the whole, I really like the styling of the product, and it looks very clean and simple. I personally don’t like products that are over complicated or try to make too bold a statement in terms of styling. The white colour may not be to everyones taste, but if you don’t mind this, then the router looks well on a desktop, and I would not feel the need to hide it as I have with other routers.

Time to take a look at the install / setup process now on the next page.