Edimax nMax Wireless 802.11n Gigabit Router

Advanced Features & Settings

The BR-6574n has a wealth of features available through it’s browser based home page. This is easily accessed using any internet browser and entering the router’s IP address. For the inexperienced, the EZmax setup wizard will do everything that you need to in order to establish the internet connection, and secure the wireless network. However, for the more experienced and/or the adventureous, the browser based setup pages unveil some powerful features. I shall take a closer look at a few of these features now.

The Firewall
This can be tweaked to allow or deny any specified PC’s access to your network though the useage of MAC and IP filtering. You can also block specified PC’s from accessing specified websites, which are defined by either URL or even certain keywords. For example, if you were to use the word ‘sex’ as a keyword filter, any URL with this keyword present would automatically be blocked on your chosen PC. As a family man, I consider this a great feature as it gives an extra level of protection when my kids are internet browsing. The router also offers the usual DoS (Denial of Service) protection features present in most modern routers.


Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
WPS is intended to make the job of securing a wireless network much easier and less intimidating for those who are inexperienced. The BR-6574n features support for both PIN and PBC method of WPS. Basically, any Wi-Fi Protected Setup certified product must feaure at least the PIN method, and this works by entering a PIN found on the wireless adaptor into the relevant section in the WPS settings. The PIN can be seen on either a sticker, a display or through the adaptors software. Once you have entered the PIN, the wireless network would be secured.

The other method is PBC, and this is the simplest. as long as the router and the wireless adaptor both support PBC based WPS, you would just need to press the relevant buttons on both the router and the adaptor to secure the wireless network. The button can be an actual hardware button, or a virtual one through the devices controlling software. In the case of the BR6574n, the WPS button also doubles up as the reset button, and there is a virtual button on the routers home page settings. It really is as simple as that, and this is a welcome addition to the BR-6574n.

WPS Button  Virtual WPS button

Special Applications
Within the NAS settings you will find a section labelled ‘Special Applications’. Some games and applications require multiple connections to the internet, and would not work with Network Address Translation (NAS enabled.) To get around this problem, you can specify the open ports that are needed  by the application within this section. To make life even easier, there is a drop down list of some popular games and applications within the settings page, and you would just need to select which application or game you wish to open ports for, and which PC the rule would apply to. Once this is done, the relevant ports would be opened automatically. Although the list is not extensive, there are quite a few options there, and Edimax could expand on this list in future Firmware updates. If the application isn’t in the drop down list, then you can set the port setting manually.

 Special applications

This isn’t an extensive list of advanced features of the BR-6574n, we would need to spend alot more time to give a detailed description on each and every feature. Suffice to say that everything you would need to tweak when using a router is included. The settings home pages are laid out clearly and concisely. Information on each option is given and it is good to see Edimax have put some effort into this. On the whole, I am very satisfied with the advanced features, and the way in which you access them.

 Now it’s time to see how the BR-6574n performs, on the next page.